Austin is the No. 2 Real Estate Market for 2021

Real estate market was impacted by the pandemic which led to a decline in home sales due to critically low levels of housing inventory. But a recent study was published by PWC and ULI showing that the boom markets for 2021 are the Austin, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, and Tampa metro areas as they have less exposure to the industries most affected by COVID-19 and are also affordable markets with pro-growth governments. In September 2020 research by John Burns Real Estate Consulting (JBREC), these markets garnered “very strong” ratings.

A recent research also shows one of the many reasons why Austin is an incredible real estate opportunity for anyone looking to buy or sell this 2021. A lot of people are moving to Austin to adapt to a new work from home culture. Mirroring the national trend, Austin real estate market are driving the current home sales boom.


1. Raleigh/Durham, N.C.
2. Austin, Texas
3. Nashville, Tenn.

4. Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas

5. Charlotte, N.C.



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