Austin is one of the 10 Best Cities to Raise a Family

Looking to make a move? Thinking of joining the Austin area community? Great idea! Austin was just voted the 9th best city in the U.S to raise a family! conducted an amazing study to calculate the top ten and here are their findings. 

"In order to find the best cities to raise a family, we looked at eight factors. Specifically, we looked at data on high school graduation rates, the percentage of students proficient in math and reading, the percentage of the population in each city who are under the age of 20, the percentage of people in each city who are living below the poverty level, the unemployment rate, the crime rate per 100,000 residents, the annual cost of child care for an infant and housing costs as a percentage of income. For more on where we got our data and how we compiled it, read the data and methodology below." -

Austin has many advantages to offer a potential family, including a poverty rate of only 14.5% and an unemployment rate of only 4.2%. The largest city in the top 10, Austin also has some good schools. The average proficiency rate in math and reading in Austin schools is 81.5%. One thing to keep in mind is that the population skews slightly older. Only 24.5% of its population is age 19 and under.

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