Austin is No. 3 on ranking for Where Tech Salaries go the Furthest

Austin steadily rakes in new accolades and this particular addition is a hit in the technology industry. Tech jobs in the United States are well paying but tech hubs are pricey. For tech jobs, cost-of-living differences are especially important. Indeed Hiring Lab did an analysis to find where tech salaries go the furthest combined with the cost-of-living. 

Analysts calculated the average salary for all tech jobs using annual salary information posted on Indeed between August 2016 and July 2017 in 25 metro areas, including the largest markets plus key tech hubs. They then adjusted for each metro’s cost of living.

"Adjusted tech jobs salaries are highest in Charlotte and Atlanta. In these metros, the actual posted tech salaries aren’t especially high—they’re below those in Chicago, Baltimore and Austin. But living costs in Charlotte and Atlanta are below the national average and far below the typical tech hub. That pushes what might seem like ho-hum paychecks to the top in adjusted tech salaries."

Click here to read more about the full analysis conducted by Indeed Hiring Lab.

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