Austin In 2nd Spot For Cities In The US With The Most Job Offers

In April 2020, the jobless rate in the US was 14.7%, and it was the worst rate caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. It pushed many workers to lose their jobs and shocked the economy.  

15 US Cities were exceptional in a new study conducted by the LinkedIn Economic Graph team to check out the labor-market conditions in 182 US metro areas for 2020.  The study calculates the average volume of job postings on LinkedIn and the number of people getting hired in each area, as tracked by updated profiles.  

Astounding, Austin resulted in 2nd place, becoming a prime destination for companies wanting to build up their regional presence, expand, and relocate their entire headquarters.  This means that it will have an excellent opportunity for jobseekers in different industries, and soon the economy will recover.

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