Austin Hits the 3rd Spot in 2022 Best Places to Live

Relocating is one of the most significant experiences and life-changing decisions a person can make, and there are many factors to consider in searching for a new potential home.  Whatever the reason, job relocation, opportunities, cost of living, it will take some time and courage to decide which neighborhood a person can move in and say - “THIS IS MY HOME.”    

Bankrate conducted a study among the 100 largest metros in the U.S. for 2022 Best Places to Live, and Austin hits the 3rd spot in the overall ranking with scores in affordability 6/10, diversity 6/10, job market 9/10, safety 6/10 and wellness 9/10.  Bankrate considered several factors such as affordability (home prices continued to hit records), quality of life, employment, culture, outdoor opportunities, weather, safety, and net migration for each city from the past year. 

It is undeniable that Austin is one of the most popular destinations for relocation in the U.S.  Austin is well known for its culture, excellent leisure activities, famous festivals, exceptional food, nightlife, friendly people,  business and career opportunities.

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