Austin Cuisine Helps Texas Rank Near the Top for Best Food in the U.S.!

According to the website Thrillist, Texas ranks #2 in the country for best food.  Franklins BBQ Austin TXTexas' ranking mainly due to the food found in the Austin area. You can see the full list here.

According to the Thrillist website, "We're a quick, free, daily email.  Each weekday, we'll drop you a must-have recommendation, from the best of what's new, to deeply under-the-radar goodness. We're talking absinthe-only cocktail spots, eateries that dish up BBQ Rattlesnake Salad and Reindeer in Bourbon Sauce, and ATMs whose currency is marijuana -- handy, although after making a withdrawal, you'll feel even more paranoid about the stocking repercussions of consuming Santa's only friend. We only cover what we like. We're not going to waste our time or yours with things that suck -- you already have your job for that. So we don't write reviews, just recommendations, and because we painstakingly wade through the crap to unearth greatness, you get exclusively the best of your city's food, drinks, gear, services, entertainment, travel options, and events......."

Photo Credit: Franklin BBQ Website

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