Austin At The Top For Economic Recovery From Covid-19

Many countries have been struggling to recover from the COVID-19 crisis.  It impacted the health care system and slowed down the economy through the loss of employment and businesses.  April 2020,  the terrible month in the US of the pandemic for unemployed in most metros, and more than 5100 jobs were down.   Having this unprecedented situation, more likely that there will be a well-positioned national solid recovery in 2021.  It is not impossible, but it will not be easy to take back the economy from this recession.  So which metro area will lead the economic recovery?  Among the Top50 in US Metros, Austin, a similarly-sized metro, is the most recovered from the Covid-19 crisis and tops for 2020 Job Growth in manufacturing and financial activities.  It's best performing in manufacturing with 8.3 % and economic activities with 17.1 % for 2019 - 2020.  Austin added 11,600 jobs in the hospitality industry, including tourism, hotels, food and drink service, event planning, and theme parks, which still has a significant difference between metros.  Pinning hopes on all metros in the US will surpass the pandemic and regain their economy.  

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