Attention Home Sellers: How to Choose the Right Realtor to Work With

People commonly choose a realtor according to the listing price they suggested. A general rule of thumb is that, "the higher the listing price, the better the realtor is". Realtor® explains that there is more to choosing an agent than just hearing the price that the seller likes. In fact, people who hire a realtor who gave them a high price that is way more than the prices suggested by others often end up selling their home at the lower price suggested by other realtors. Won't you feel ripped off that way? Here's how NOT to fall for a realtor who's "buying a listing":

1. Interview several candidates for the job. Ask them about their professional experience, the average days on market (ADOM) of their listings, recommendations given to them by people you know, AND their estimated value of your home.

2. Using the track record, days on market stats, AND the suggested list price for your home, make a table and compare. Did a realtor quote a price that is higher than the rest? Single him out and compare his record and ADOM to the others. If his quotation is noticeably higher than the rest yet his ADOM and professional record aren't actually that impressive, then that's a tell-tale sign that he's an agent who's haphazardly "buying your listing".

3. Dont fall for the "empty promises" that come with the prices given by an overzealous agent. Ask around the neighborhood and know how much they were able to sell their home. Find an average. And use the figure to choose the realtor who was able to quote a price in that range AND with the professional record and ADOM that can sell the home in the fastest way possible.

Don't get caught up in the figures. Choose your realtor wisely. After all, the real experts are careful in giving you honest and accurate prices, as they work to get your home sold and not to make you believe in something that won't work.

For more tips on how to sell your home and how to choose the right realtor, visit our blog or watch the video from which this post was based here.

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