Analysis Finds Austin One of the Best Cities to Work for a Small Business

Austin Skyline Image Courtesy Gayle LindgrenAdding to the list of reasons to move to Austin is a recent analysis conducted by personal financial website, WalletHub. The purpose of the analysis was to find in which cities are best to work for a small business. To see how well each city catered to job seekers and employees, WalletHub researched the small business environment within the 100 most populated U.S. metro areas and assessed metrics such as net small business job growth, industry variety and earnings for small business employees. Out of the 100 cities on the study, Austin ranked #4 overall and also ranked #3 in the sub-category for “Highest Earnings for Small Business Employees.”

An article about the same analysis in The Austin Business Journal pointed out that Austin had the “second-highest median annual income of any city on the list when adjusted for cost of living.” So the positive wage and job findings from the study don’t correlate with higher cost of living in terms of real estate, entertainment or shopping. The recent wage analysis is great news for the city, as national average wages remain relatively stagnant. The findings are increasing the city’s appeal to those outside of Austin looking for a new environment with increased jobs opportunities and more workforce-centric employment culture. This is yet another study positively impacting Austin real estate and creating higher demand for Austin homes for sale. 

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