A New Year's Guide to Travis County Property Taxes: What First Time Buyers Should Know

With the arrival of the New Year comes the need to pay for taxes. If you're a new home buyer or first-time homeowner of a Travis County home, it might be good to take note of the following dates to avoid paying extra for your dues. The following information and downloadable files have been taken from the Official Travis County Tax Office. More details below:

Date that taxable values and qualification for certain exemptions are determined for the tax year (except for inventories appraised Sept. 1) (Secs. 11.4223.0123.12).  

Date a tax lien attaches to property to secure payments of taxes, penalties and interest that will be imposed for the year (Sec. 32.01).

Date that members of county appraisal district (CAD) boards of directors begin two-year terms; half the members begin two-year terms if the CAD has staggered terms (Secs. 6.036.034).

Date that half of appraisal review board (ARB) members begin two-year terms (Sec. 6.41).

Deadline for chief appraisers to notify the Comptroller’s office of eligibility to serve as chief appraisers (Sec. 6.05).

Date rendition period begins; continues through April 15 for those property owners not requesting a filing extension (Sec. 22.23).

If a tax bill from a previous year mailed after this date, the delinquency date is postponed (Tax Code Sec. 31.02).

Deadline for the Texas Comptroller to publish the preliminary Property Value Study (PVS) findings, certify findings to the Texas Education Commissioner, and deliver findings to each school district (Government Code Sec. 403.302). NOTE: A qualified school district or property owner may protest preliminary findings by filing a petition with the Comptroller not later than the 40th day after the date (whether Jan. 31 or an earlier date) on which the Comptroller’s findings are certified to the Texas Commissioner of Education (Government Code Sec.403.303).

Last day for chief appraiser to deliver applications for agricultural designation and exemptions requiring annual applications (Secs. 11.4423.43). 

Last day for disabled or age 65 or older homeowners or disabled veterans, their surviving spouses or children qualifying for Sec. 11.22 exemptions to provide notice of intent to pay by installment and pay the first installment of homestead property taxes. This deadline also applies to partially disabled veterans and their surviving spouses with homesteads donated from charitable organizations (Sec. 31.031).

Last day for homeowners or qualified businesses whose properties were damaged in a disaster within a designated disaster area to pay one quarter of taxes if using installment payment option (Sec. 31.032).

Last day for a CAD to give public notice of the capitalization rate to be used in that year to appraise property with low and moderate-income housing exemption (Sec. 11.1825).

Information source: Travis County Tax Office

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