8 Rules that Good Home Buyers Should Follow in Showings

In a previous post, we talked about a few things home sellers should avoid doing when opening their homes for showings. Now, Cain Realty Group brings you 8 Rules that Good Home Buyers Should Follow in Showings. It is important to act your best, especially when visiting a home you are interested to purchase, if you would like to sway the sellers to bestow their home to you. Of course, making an impression that they would remember would depend on how good—or bad!—you’ve been during the showing!

Get Pre-approved before House Hunting

Sellers would take you more seriously if you know exactly how much you can afford and if you are qualified to buy their home. The sure-fire way to show that you are qualified is by having a pre-approval letter at hand. Not only will this save you time from looking at homes that you couldn’t afford, but it will also make you appear a better buyer for a home seller who means business.

If you have not worked on getting a pre-approval from a lender, it is best to be honest with your agent and the seller first so they know what to expect.

Show up On Time

Realtors often have more than one client at a time and sellers also have other business to take care of aside from selling their home. You also hate it when last-minute schedule changes happen and your entire to-do list has been thrown caput, right? So, be the respectful and considerate good buyer by showing up on time, or at least informing the other parties well ahead if you’ll be late or if you can’t make it altogether.

Remove Your Shoes

You might be okay with guests wearing their muddy shoes into your home, but not all homeowners share the same sentiments. To be safe, always ask the owner if it’s okay to bring your shoes in before actually stepping in. Aside from showing the home seller your considerate side (and thereby winning his favor!), you are also taking care of the cleanliness of the floor of your would-be home if you find it to be The One.

It’s NOT a Fieldtrip

We understand that the home buying process is an exciting and positive experience that you want to share with friends and loved ones. However, bringing a group of people may not be a good idea. It would be difficult to focus on the essentials in your first home showing when there are too many people chatting and giving you their opinion. Also, the home seller may not like the chaos that a group of visitors brings (and leaves!) in a home showing.

Leave the Kids Home

It’s a bad idea to bring your kids along in a showing and spend the entire time there telling them to “Stop touching things!”, “Don’t wander off”, or “Careful! You might break that.” Just leave them home with a qualified sitter or relative, and pay attention to the details of the home. You’re also saving yourself from paying for a broken vase and losing your chances with the home because the seller hated you for breaking Grandma’s urn!

Take Photos ONLY with Permission

While many sellers know that you’d want to go over the appearance of their house over and over, it would be wisest to ask the seller for permission first before snapping away. Some sellers aren’t actually okay with buyers taking pictures of their home due to security concerns, so make sure you’re not irking them out without you knowing. A few photos on the not-so personal rooms of the house may be something the home sellers would be okay with.

Make it Short

Looking around a house during a showing may take time, but not to the point that a seller’s and agent’s schedule are compromised. Keep it down to 15 to 30 minutes. You’ll have the opportunity to come back later.

Limit the Number of Visits

It is only acceptable to return to a home a few times if you’ve shortlisted the property as a potential purchase. But then again, limit yourself to 2-3 visits. If you finally settle on one home, you can have endless opportunities to visit the place during home inspections without necessarily causing the seller any inconvenience.

For more tips on how to be a buyer that a home seller would love and be chosen over other not-so-nice buyers, contact Cain Realty Group today. We would be happy to help you with the entire home buying process for a seamless and unforgettable experience!


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