5 Things that Make Your Home More Attractive to Buyers

Your house doesn’t have to look like a model home or a mansion for it to be appreciated by prospective buyers. Sometimes, all you need are a few small tweaks that will make your home look more attractive without necessarily requiring a huge investment on your part. We bring you 5 tips on how you can easily make your home look more attractive to buyers.

Use Homey Welcome Pieces in the Foyer

The first thing a buyer will see inside your home is the foyer. How welcome does the buyer feel? A sense of coziness and warmth is important to exude to the buyer if you want them to envision living in your home in comfort. Otherwise, your home will just be one of many houses they will visit over the course of their house hunting journey.

Install Simple Water Features

It doesn’t have to be a large fountain in the central courtyard or a cascading waterfall with multi-color accent lights. A simple water feature by the entrance of your home or at a relaxing corner at the patio can appeal to more buyers. The sound of flowing water and the relaxing view that a water feature brings can easily convince any buyer to invest in a home that offers a notch higher of ultimate relaxation.

Work on Landscaping

Landscaping may appear expensive and unnecessary, but well-kept grounds actually add value to a home. If you want to sell your home for more than its original cost when you first bought it, a surefire way to do it is to upgrade the surrounding greenery to something artistic and professionally-maintained. The ROI is truly worth the effort (Besides, you can easily hire people to do it for you if you don’t have the time).

Anything Granite

Everyone’s heart flops at the mere mention of the word “granite”. Granite countertops, granite floors… anything “granite” adds a sense of luxury to the home. While installing granite may cost a little extra, it is actually going to pay off well because most buyers would love to have a home with granite materials used in it that their guests can admire.

Install a Security System

Showing prospective buyers an installed security system in the home will actually convince them to choose your home over other options because they have one less task to worry about; securing their new home. Upgrading your home on the techie side also raises its value by a few thousand dollars. People are willing to pay more for their safety and peace of mind!

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