5 Things Homeowners Should Know about Their Homes

As a homeowner, you are required to know the most intimate details about your home (even the parts that guests don't usually access or see at your house), because you and your home have a special kind of relatioship-- knowing every nook and cranny of the house is needed in order for you to live comfortably in it. 

If you are not the Home DIY-er type and have the tendency to call the pros whenever something goes wrong, that's alright. Some home projects are best entrusted to the professionals. BUT, these five things are just non-negotiable and should be known by every decent man (or woman!) of the house. Here are the five things every homeowner should know about:

1. Location of the main water shut-off valve

2. Location of the circuit box and learning its labels

3. Facts about the thermocouple (yes, you have a thing like that in your home)

4. Location and management of ALL filters

5. Sump Pump location and maintenance

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