5 Inspection Problems Sellers Can Avoid

Many home sellers are terrified of the home inspection phase, mainly because they know that a prospective buyer may back out when they learn about the issues the home has. But do you really have to wait ‘til it’s too late? Realtor.com® recommends fixing up the house and be a proactive seller in order to save the deal. Here are the five most common problems that sellers have to fix even before deciding to list their home:

1. Dank basement. Seepage into the basement can cause flooding. Even the tiniest cracks or a weak foundation wall can let groundwater in. Don’t be fooled just because there’s no puddle of water on the floor; if your basement smells of mold, then water IS COMING IN. Hire a basement waterproofing contractor to detect and fix leakage/moisture problems.

2. Faulty writing. The most common electrical problems are ungrounded fixtures, spliced wires not terminated in a proper electric box, receptacles wired backward, and improper breakers in the electric service panel, among others. Home inspector Reggie Marston recommends hiring an electrician to check the entire circuitry of the home and work on potential electrical issues.

3. Leaking roofs. A leaking roof is already a major turn off for home buyers—what more if they see the mold that results from a neglected hole in the roof?  Make sure to seal any roof holes and replace boards or panels that have evident signs of water damage on them.

4. Amateur workmanship. DIY crafts is one thing, but DIY jobs in your home is a different world altogether. A poorly-installed toilet or kitchen sink can actually shoo away prospective buyers. If you’re a self-professed DIY-er, it’s best to take proper classes on carpentry or tile-laying works. Or, have a professional assess your work to make sure that your current works are usable and acceptable for home inspectors.

5. Poor maintenance. A neglected tiny roof leak or stain on the kitchen sink may not look like a big issue and can be taken care of “next time”, but multiply this by hundreds of next times over the years and you will find yourself in a poorly-maintained home. This can translate to thousands of dollars’ worth of repairs, so might as well skip that “next time” habit and work on it as soon as you take notice. Give special attention to water heaters, heating and AC systems, caulk tubs, showers, and stove exhaust fan filters, among other things.

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