What’s 'IN' this 2016: Home Designs that Buyers Love Most

Remember those Hollywood-inspired homes that we used to dream of living in when we were kids? Realtor.com’s “Get This Look” Promotion aimed to find out if home buyers this 2016 still aimed for that glitz and glam a la Hollywood when buying houses. After 10,000 votes were cast, the survey concluded that the “Hollywood-inspired homes that have the look, but don’t touch elegance are a fading trend and home owners now prefer natural, comfortable spaces.”

The three favorite home designs are: Inviting (23%), Rustic (22%), and Beachside Charm (21%). The least favored designs are: Regal (antiques and fine fabrics), eclectic Mid-Century Modern, and Earthy.

"We are seeing a shift in home design trends – leaving behind the glitz and glam for a more natural look – whether that may be a rugged barn with many textures or a serene beach-like feel," says Farrell. "Today's style reflects today's lifestyle and we've found that having a space for entertaining family and friends all year round is the number one trend."


This home design presents a welcoming atmosphere which includes fun barware, plenty of seating, and a party-ready kitchen where meaningful gatherings can take place anytime. This design is usually used in city dwellings and modern family homes.


The rustic design is perfect for people who prefer to be one with nature. Natural elements such as stone, wood, light, and water are all incorporated into the design. Organic materials from the outdoors are brought in to balance the interior and exterior views.

Beachside Charm

For a take on the Bohemian lifestyle, Beachside charm is attractive to those who want a relaxed and casual home feel. Design elements such as terra cotta tile, sundecks, patio umbrellas, and scattered shells are used in a very open house plan to create a resort-type feel.

CREDITS: This article was lifted from the original post published by Realtor.com and its parent company, Move Inc.  last 27 October 2015. The images were taken from the Decoist.com home magazine. All copyright remain with their respective owners.

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