14 Reasons Why Austin is the Weirdest City in the World

Huffpost Travel recently posted an article by Suzy Strutner that includes her list of 14 reasons why Austin is the weirdest city in the world. From chicken poop bingo to a live flying bat show, Austin has an array of abnormal activities for the public. According to Strutner, “Austin doesn't take itself too seriously, and that's precisely why it's so awesome.” We agree!

Below is some of Austin’s weirdness, itemized. Read over the 14 item list and let us know what you would like to see added to Austin’s list of unusually appealing features! At Cain Realty Group, we think Austin’s abnormally amazing real estate market should top the list.

1. Chicken Poo Bingo:

freeimages.com"Chicken Sh*t Bingo" has been an activity at the Little Longhorn Saloon since 2000 and allows players to bet on where chicken droppings will land on a large “bingo card” inside the coup. Players have a chance to bet every Sunday on the chicken game.

2. Vacated houses have made great venues for super-hip bars.

Rainey Street has seen many of its historical homes converted into hip watering holes. If you want to check out the atmosphere, you’d better hurry. Some of the popular hangouts are being removed to make way for a for a mix of residential and retail projects.

3. A sausage and beer garden that will pay for your tattoo.

Bangers is an eatery (and drinkery) located on the famed Rainey Street that offers to pay for patrons to get a tattoo of their logo. Now there’s a marketing investment that patrons directly benefit from!

4. You can watch a duel - of pianos, that is!

freeimages.comAt Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar, you can witness “Four unique, A-list players take the stage each night on two baby grand pianos, in two-person rotations every hour on the hour.” It’s a show you just can’t miss!

5. Tacos are the breakfast of Austin Champions.

Recent transplants and visitors alike may not be accustomed to seeing tacos on breakfast menus, but Austinites have been getting their mornings off to the right start with these portable favorites for so long we can’t imagine a world without them.  

6.  Turtle racing is really a thing here.

Visit Little Woodrow’s to see the action.

7. A nightly cage-free bat show.

Austin is home to the largest urban bat colony in the world. Every evening at sunset from February through November, 1.5 million Mexican free-tailed bats take flight for feeding time before returning to their home under the Congress Avenue bridge. You can arrive early and claim a spot on or near the bridge to watch the show, or opt for a bat watching tour.

8. Abnormally affordable drinks.

Austin may be home to the happiest hour, with drink prices as low as $3 for a Bloody Mary at TRACE. Anywhere in the city, you can find unusually low-priced drinks.

9. Everyone has the chance to be an artist.

freeimages.comTry your hand at creating urban art at the HOPE Outdoor Gallery, where you can arrive with spray cans and make your mark on the available wall space.

10. Topless swimming

Visitors are free to lose their shirts at the Barton Springs swimming hole outside of the paid pool area. The water from the underground spring and the popular swimming local flow out to create a swimming area free to the topless and topped alike.

11. Underground bar in an Oriental Massage parlor

It may not get much weirder than the Midnight Cowboy Modeling Oriental Massage establishment. According to Strutner, “ring the doorbell marked ‘Harry Craddock,’ and you'll be transported to a sneaky speakeasy bar where drinks come in tiki mugs.”

Be ready to keep it classy, though. The house rules state that “we do not allow smoking, guns, phone calls, laptops or rowdiness. If you must smoke or make a call, please step outside. We ask that you keep your conversations at a reasonable level and enjoy fine cocktails and the finer company of your companions.”

12. A junk monument.

Literally a tower made from disposed items, The Cathedral of Junk contains about 60 tons of junk. Vince Hannemann, who started the tower in 1988 and has been adding to it ever since, says that “I just did it because I liked it. And when I stop liking it I'll take it down."

13. Coffee and beer all in one location.

Brew & Brew serves the two libations along with “tea, wine, cider, Topo Chico and few small food items.”

14. Last, but not least - AUSTINITES!

Texas’ state capitol may first be assumed to have a pretty conservative vibe, but one look at the locals and you’ll be thoroughly disabused of that concept. We give Austinites all the kudos for keepin’ Austin weird!

Not sure if you make the weird cut? Take this “Keep Austin Weird” Quotient Test

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