Adrienne Valdez
Adrienne Valdez
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Adrienne is known for her accountability, strong work ethic, adaptability, and keen eye for detail. Prior to joining Cain Realty Group, she gained 2 years of experience as a transaction coordinator, enhancing her organizational and communication skills. Her experience as a customer representative improved her empathy and understanding in customer interactions. Additionally, with over 5 years as a real estate agent, she possesses a deep understanding and compassion for the real estate business.

Adrienne's Hobbies and Interests 
Taking care of my Brother and my dogs, reading books, and sometimes playing badminton.

Adrienne's Favorite Dinner Restaurant and Dish 
Mamou - Truffle Cream Pasta with Steak.

Adrienne's Furry Friends 
Beauty - 8 years old, Groot - 4 years old, Snow (not set in stone name lol) - 12 daysold

Adrienne's Favorite Sports Team
Boston Celtics

Something Really Cool That Adrienne Has Done
Jet Ski